Founded on 8th of March 2019, Potato Figure is a small independent figures, statues, collectibles and hobby commissions studio based in Vietnam.

We provide a range of quality unique collectibles range from game, anime and originals design of many sizes and prices for all art enthusiasts around the world.


We are small, very small, as of the end of 2020, there only 2 of us brothers building a dream and do our best to bring our creation to collectors around the world.

Our facility are just as small, a few 3D printers, enough paint and airbrush to full-fill a dozen orders or so in a month and enough contact to produce small batches.

With that said, we believe our end product speaks for them self. We compensate the colossal scale of production with a few passionately crafted piece. On other hand, our small scale of production also allows highly customizable paint job, size and typically lower final cost.

With us, you can rest assured that your order will be dealt with utmost care into quality and detail, at fair prices.


We pursuit beauty, coolness, bad-ass things and whatever we think can be a great piece on a desk we're gonna make it, and if that piece happens to be of your liking as well, don't hesitate to ask us for an copy !

When placing an order, big or small, you're helping us get by our life and focus more on our figures, our dream. Better equipment to bring even higher quality collectibles. Adding more and more models to our gallery for all to enjoy.

Even though our price are as other studios, a sizeable portion of the sale always go to charity, it's our way to give back to the world and help others less fortunate than us, so be assured that your hard-earned finance will be put to good use !

Lastly, we do hope our work bring joys to others, to you, hope to cheer up your day, big or little.

Thanks for visiting Potato Figure, If you have any cool ideas or suggestions don't be afraid to reach out to us in contacts below.

---------Be safe, Stay happy---------



Greeting from the team !

We handle everything, from idea, modeling, printing, process, painting... all the way to shipping and customer service.

Our unique background in games, films allow us to have an edge in figure making and painting, give you a unique piece of collectible.

We work around the clock making sure our customer get the best product for their buys at the fastest speed !

You can visit our Artstation below to see our past work, and Shop page to see currently open orders.

Thuan Duong

  • Artstation

Concepts, modelings, 3D printings, Photographs, customer support and shipping

Khoa Duong

  • Artstation

Painting and Print Processing