Adjutant is a robotic tactical advisor for terran commanders in starcraft.


"Every terran commander who’s worth their salt understands the value that a faithful adjutant brings to any dust-ups that may arise in the Koprulu Sector. An adjutant’s ever-present gaze over the field of battle offers a strategic edge, and helps command keep their troops in line. Who knows, deploying one of your own might just save your hide when it all hits the fan."


Potato Figure's concept is a typical adjutant on her own specialized compact hangar bay for quick deployment and operation on fast-paced battlefields . With the decals, LEDs and keen eye for weathering effect we bring the best level of detail to capture that rusty, dusty feel of terran machinery in the game. All of her body shells can be take off to show her inner workings.


Available for order :

10 slot for ultimate version as in product preview, after the first 10 there will be a lite version without the hangar bay and toned down wire-work.


More image

Modeling timelapse video


Custom Paint Available, tell us what you want your adjutant to look like when placing an order !


Starcraft II Adjutant - Ultimate Version

  • Size ( W xD xH )

    38cm x 43cm x65cm

  • Scale


  • Material

    Polystone - Hard

  • Average Production Time

    30 Days

  • Weight

    25 kg

  • Feature

    Magnets, Decals, USB LEDs