We'll pack your order with the most durable box, the best PU foam use the most efficient post to ship your order to you. All you have to do is wait !

Most order take from a week to a month to produce, after that is shipping time which depends on post. If you can't wait how your order turns out, feel free to request updates on your order from us !

We all hate shipping fee, it's the worst ! But to provide the best and fair price for all of you we decide to be transparent and put forward a base price and shipping fees.

It's depends on how far you are from us and how heavy the total order is.

And rest assured if your order are too heavy since we offer up to 50% assistance in shipping fee on your order, that's mean most your spending is on the actual order it self not the shipping !

Here how it goes:

We have a few range of weight, and how much we offer in support:

 +Up to 1 kg since this will be very light in fee you won't need much support

 + 1 kg to 5 kg : 25% support

 + 20 kg and above : 50% support

This applies where ever you are on the world, but here is shipping fee to USA for example :

 +Up to 1 kg : $20

 +1 kg to 5 kg : $50

 +Above 20 kg : $120

These support in shipping fee is already calculated on your order so feel free to place one !


In case you changed your mind on an order, and we haven't sent it out yet you can cancel the order and get up to 90% refund depends on how far the order have gone through production.

We'll do our best to sent you a flawless piece and send it to you without any damage. But if unfortunately it arrive scared we are very sorry but shipping it back will usually cost us and you a lot of time and finance. Instead we can work out how to deal with such event if it happen, we can instruct you how to quickly fix the problem for you to have a piece on display. But we're sorry in advance if such thing ever take place.